5 Reasons To Travel Liquid-Free

So, you got your holiday booked. You’re going to relax and forget about the stress of work. Let’s start packing, some pack light and fast while others pack for every occasion, whichever one is you, have you ever worried about your toiletries bag?

Are you the type that packs with travel sized products you found in the hotel room, or ones you bought because they’re “just so cute”? Either way, have you ever had one leak out and destroy your belongings? Or do you feel your hair drying out the moment that hotel room shampoo touches your scalp?

If so, here’s 5 reasons why Liquid-Free body care products will help you have a better, carefree holiday.


  1. No Leakage

How many times have you traveled somewhere and upon arrival, only to find out it’s laundry day? Your shampoo, soap, or toothpaste bottle has inevitably exploded all over your luggage. That plastic bag you hoped would save the day... didn't and now all your clothes and belongings are covered in liquid goo. Sound familiar?

We’ve been there, multiple times by plane and a few times on the road. When travel is involved, there always seems to be an underlying stress about your toiletries bag. Will it all arrive with no leakage, or will you have to spend precious adventure time and money doing laundry now on your holiday? 

It sucks, not only dealing with the aftermath of shampoo everywhere, but also the stress of trying to stop it before it happens. Travel is frustrating enough dealing with transportation and people as is, is there a way to at least stop stressing about your belongings? 

Liquid-free products are specially designed for traveling in mind. Liquid-free products come in bar/solid form so that traveling is easier. This also applies for van-lifers or camping. Less spilling in all areas of essentials on the move. No need to worry about wet belongings anywhere you go.


  1. Airport Security Rules

Ok, this one applies to those flying by plane. And if you fly by plane, do you carry your toiletries bag in your carry-on? Do you keep a toothpaste in your purse to freshen up on layovers?

If so, how many times have you been stopped to take out all your liquids and put them in the impossibly small, plastic bag at security? Yeah, never fun to be the one holding up the line, and only to find out you have to throw away that brand new toothpaste tube because it’s over the 100ml limit for liquid bottles.

The beauty of liquid-free products are now there’s no more stress of holding up the line or security glaring at you like you’re the enemy. Liquid-free means you can pack all your bathroom belongings in your carry-on. Freshen up whenever needed, with no worries about size limits or separate plastic baggies.


  1. More compact

Are you a budget traveler, or going on a long backcountry trip where every centimetre matters? Body care products being liquid-free makes them more compact and easier to travel with.

We love budget travelling (read our previous blogs). Carry-on is our go to, which means less is more. The smaller your toiletries bag can be, the more you can fit in of other essentials.

In liquid products, water usually makes up 70-80% of your daily use products. So, by getting rid of the liquids you get 70-80% more concentrated products or space. Aka smaller shampoo, lasts much longer. For example, 1 of Onsight Care’s shampoo bars equals to 2-3 bottles of liquid bottled shampoo.

Concentrated, liquid-free products mean you can travel longer with more space and less worry about when I’ll have to buy more, especially if going to countries where you may not be able to find natural hair care products. Or if you’re planning a through hike with no civilizations for many days ahead. Be prepared with concentrated, liquid-free products!


  1. Less fluff

Are you worried about the products you use and what you put on your skin? Do you care about where you spend your hard earned dollar? By eliminating liquids you eliminate the fillers like preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers. All the things that make liquid products truly work.

Where instead, liquid-free products are the concentrate, you get more of the product with less of the fluff. You get the ingredients that work, without the garbage.

Why buy water when you’re showering in it already. It just doesn’t make sense. Save the 70-80% of water and get more of what you actually pay for. And by not needing the fillers, you can have more expensive ingredients for less. Save money on the junk and get only the good stuff! With concentrated products you can use less and spend less.


  1. Less waste

How many times have you stayed at a hotel and accumulated those tiny, one-use soap bottles? Or did you buy the travel-size plastic bottles you can fill up yourself, but the lid breaks after two uses?

By getting rid of the liquids this also allows getting rid of the plastic containers. We want to take care of the environment that we play in. I think we all agree that tiny plastic containers for every single item you travel with or use on a daily basis is a bit wasteful.

Going liquid-free, you don’t need the plastic container anymore, so you are one step closer to a healthier planet. Most liquid free options come with metal travel tins or no container at all needed. Way healthier for the planet and way less waste for you to worry about accumulating in your backpack. Leave no trace can transfer over into every area of life, with liquid free options, making your home more plastic-free and environmentally friendly.


With less waste, healthier ingredients, and less messy stress, go liquid-free. As we like to say Liquid-free = Carefree travels! What are your travel hacks to a less stress holiday? Let us know in the comments below!

Have a carefree holiday!

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