Climbing Skin Care

When you hear Skin Care, your mind probably goes to facial masks, lotions and a beauty routine. Skin care can be so much simpler than that, yet still so important! As a rock climber, having a skin care routine is a top priority of mine and should be part of yours too! Here is my nightly climbing routine for climbers to keep their skin in its top shape!


  1. Wash your hands!

As much as washing your hands for hygiene is a huge lesson that we are learning right now in the midst of this world pandemic, it’s good for your skin too. Washing your skin gets rid of dead, dry skin cells and allows fresh skin cells to grow faster.

Clean hands not only will stop infections if you have cuts and scrapes, but it helps the healing process happen faster. So, for the sake of your health and shorter waiting periods between climbing sessions, make sure your hands are clean, always!


  1. File!

File down your calluses. Ever have a flapper (where a big chunk of skin comes off while you’re climbing) and ultimately shuts you down on your project?

Yeah, that happens because your beloved calluses are too thick. When they are too thick, they have the chance to catch on climbing holds and rip off. Yeah, it feels as bad as it sounds!

But I know those calluses have been weeks of hard work and pain to create. And I know you need them to climb longer and not be in pain on the rocks.

So, file them down, not completely though. Use some medical grade sandpaper and after a good climbing session, file them down so they don’t get too big and cause more harm than good.


  1. Skin Salve!

Of course, once your hands are clean and filed down, now is time for the true healing to begin. Use Onsight Care Skin Salve to heal cuts and thin skin fast so you can get back climbing faster! Skin Salve won’t take away your beloved calluses, but it will help soothe your aching skin.

I apply Skin Salve right after a good climbing session, and right before bed to make sure its soaking in all the herbal goodness. Not much is needed, only use a pea size amount, too much and it’ll feel greasy.

Keeping your skin moisturized in between climbing sessions will keep your skin in its best shape to be stronger and repair faster. Especially your cuticles for my crack climbing lovers! Our Skin Salve is packed with herbs that have anti-Inflammatory and skin cell regenerative properties to make sure your skin is in its best shape and not holding you back!


    4.  Keep it simple!

Adding too much to your already busy routine will be a sure way to find excuses not to do it. By keeping it simple it'll be easy to add in after your climbing session or before bed. It doesn't have to be complicated to work, no gloves, soaks or crazy moisturizing tricks.

Skin Care is important and there's lots of crazy tips and tricks out there to have the best skin, but make sure you follow through! I love my simple 3 step system for sending! Find what routine works for you and stick to it.


Skin Care isn’t just about beauty, it’s about health and being in your best shape to keep climbing longer and more often! Don’t let your skin stop you from sending your hardest!


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