DIY Lip Scrub

Winter is almost gone and I’m sure your skin and lips are telling you so. My lips in the season changes get dry and flaky the moment I step outside. And there’s nothing appealing about crusty lips.

So, I have a simple solution to combat cracked lips. A lip scrub. I know you’ve probably heard of or used a body sugar scrub before, there’s not much difference to it. I use a sugar or coffee scrub to take off the layers of dry skin to prevent the cracking and bleeding. And here’s a secret… it’s so easy to make right at home!

Below I have my easy 2 step recipe to make your own lip scrub for that extra winter / weather care! I make it for my lips, but feel free to make more and use it for your whole face or body too! 


What you need:

1 TBSP -Sugar (we recommend using organic) or our favorite, used coffee grounds

1/2 TBSP -Grapeseed Oil or any lighter oil like apricot or almond are lovely too.


Step 1:

Combine sugar or coffee grounds and oil together. I use grapeseed oil as it’s a nice, light oil for your lips and face, but feel free to substitute with whichever oil works best for your skin. Personally, I love using old coffee grounds for the extra less-waste perks.


Step 2:

Mix thoroughly and scrub away!


2 ingredients, 2 steps, it’s that easy! Yes, seems crazy, but that’s all it takes! I don't add essential oils on my face due to sensitive skin, but feel free to add some essential oil flavour to yours.

Simply all that’s left to do is enjoy! I suggest using a scrub 1-2 times a week to keep your lips moisturized and healthy!

By using a lip scrub it takes away the layer of dead skin allowing your lips to absorb moisture again. I always follow up my lip scrub with Onsight Care’s Vegan Lip Balm, which is infused with Calendula and Lavender to help soothe my irritated lips.

Keep your lips smooth and kissable for those perfect sunny moments.

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