5 Tips To Keep The Winter Blues Away

Wherever you live, snowy winter with the overcast skies, or sunny and cold weather, sometimes it’s hard to avoid the blues. But if you’re proactive it can help keep the mood good and the blues at bay. Here are our five tips to staying in good spirits this winter!


1. Get outside 

We know it’s probably cold outside. But our favorite thing to do when feeling low is to get outside. Get into nature and take a couple deep breaths. Spend some time just enjoying the views, or to find some peace and quiet where you can re-center yourself. Get outside and connect back to the earth. We live so much on our screens that we forget to give our brain a break to relax, nature does that. If you haven’t yet today, go spend some time outdoors!

2.  Stay Active

Okay, so sometimes going out isn’t an option, depending on where you live or how awful the weather is. So get moving. Spend some time stretching or doing your fav exercise. Even if it’s in the kitchen cooking. Do something that gets you out of bed and active. Circulate the blood flow and give yourself some good endorphins.

3. Talk to somebody

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when you’re feeling down is talking to people. But we were made for community! Make yourself, either message a friend or say hello to your neighbor. Typing on the computer isn’t the same as through physical means of an in person conversation. I understand with the restrictions this can be difficult, but even having a phone call or Skype where you can physically hear others voices and tone changes the mood. You are not ever alone. There are millions of people on this planet and I promise you, someone wants to have a chat and hang out with you! You’re not a burden, reach out whether you feel good or don’t, keep the mood high!

4. Do what you love

Do something you love. What brings you joy? Do you love reading, skiing, climbing, hiking, cooking, painting? What is it that sparks happiness in you? Even when you don’t feel like it, force yourself to do something you love every day. Even if it’s just a few minutes, spend a moment each day appreciating the gifts and talents you have.

5. Help someone else

When you’re in a good mood, it’s easy to help others, whether it’s the old lady with her groceries or the homeless man with a meal. But when you’re down you need to help others more than ever. Helping someone else takes your thoughts off of your worries and on to someone else’s. I promise you it will bring joy to see a smile on someone else’s face when you are down. Don’t live in your own world, live in the world, get connected and help out. We all need something and maybe your talent is the something someone else needs in this moment.


How do you feel in the winter? Do you love the snow filled streets and snuggling by the fire, or do you love getting outside and hitting the slopes? Whatever you love. Make sure to stay active and keep doing the things that bring a smile to your face every day. We hope you can get outside and enjoy the beauty that is today!

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