Natural Deodorant 101

Making the switch to natural deodorant, and deodorant bars at that can be a bit of a learning curve. We’ve all heard how awful the switch is, but we disagree. So, we’ve put together 3 points on debunking the natural deodorant haters.


  1. Don’t fear the transition from commercial deodorants to natural. Try different scents.


You’ve probably heard about the transition from commercial to natural deodorants and the horror stories to go along with it. But we are here to tell you that’s not the case! There is no detox stage in switching deodorants. If your finding yourself smelly and gross, it probably means it’s not the right deodorant for you. Everyone’s skin is different to some degree which means some scents or ingredients agree and some don’t.


Have you ever loved a perfume, but your friend despises it? Yeah, same thing happens with deodorant. Different essential oils work for people and not for others. So, if you’re finding you smell rancid with your natural deodorant, it’s not a phase, break up with that bar and move on to the next scent! It’s not you, it’s the deodorant.


  1. Remember deodorants are not antiperspirants, antiperspirants are not healthy.


We tend to get the 2 confused which puts natural deodorants in the bad category when really you’re comparing them wrong. Deodorants are NOT meant to stop you from sweating. Sweating is normal and healthy. Deodorants use ingredients that help absorb body odors, but not stop them from happening.


Antiperspirants block your pores and stop you from sweating, which yeah will make you not smell, but is not healthy to stuff all the junk your body is trying to get rid of inside. Let that stuff go, its 2022, can we all agree sweating is part of being human yet?


  1. Why no baking soda is on most natural deodorant labels.


So a quick intro on how natural deodorants work. Your skin sits at around a PH level of 7. Baking soda sits at around a PH of 9. What baking soda is doing is it is creating a habitat that bacteria can’t survive in. Bacteria is what makes your sweat smell. Not your sweat itself, it’s the bacteria on the skin. So why is baking soda bad? It’s not, for some though, because of how fast it reacts it cause irritation on the skin which can lead to rash and discomfort.


So what to use instead? We use Magnesium Hydroxide which basically made from a salt in water reaction, a completely natural alternative like baking soda. It sits at a PH level of 7-9. So how is this more gentle? It’s because it doesn’t react as fast as baking soda. Magnesium Hydroxide is slower to change, which allows your skin to adjust and not be irritated by the PH level, but still changing the environment so that bacteria can’t survive.



Deodorant bars aren’t just masking smells like people think they are compared to antiperspirants, they are working hard too. Changing the skin environment and using ingredients like clay and arrowroot to absorb smells. While allowing your body to regulate its temperature still by sweating.


Have you tried natural deodorant yet? Did you hate it, love it? Are you willing to give it another shot with a bit more knowledge in your back pocket now? Let us know your experiences below!



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