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Minimalist Travel Packing Tips

So, you see the benefits of travelling lighter and faster. Only having a carry-on to avoid luggage drop off and pick up wait times. There is something freeing knowing everything you need fits on your back. If you haven't travelled minimalist before, we highly suggest giving it a try. It truly is a freeing experience, and if you don't know where to start, we have a few tips to get you going! Pack only essentials When packing for travel, we believe less is more. When planning a trip, don’t pack for what might happen. Pack the things you already love to wear/use! Instead of packing a suitcase full of items that you only end up using 50%, pack a small...

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3 tips for using Deodorant Bars

Not sure how to use our plastic-free deodorant bars? Don’t worry, we put together 3 tips to help with our most asked questions!   Why does my deodorant bar feel hard to apply?   To make our bars plastic free with no container, we make them a tad harder than regular deodorant bars. Sometimes, especially with winter months, this can make it a tad harder to apply. To avoid this, simply hold the bar on your skin for a moment to heat up and then glide on as normal.  For best results we suggest applying right after your shower when your body is hot and clean! We also suggest applying the deodorant bar along the curved side to avoid any breakage.     How...

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