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Skin Salve
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Skin Salve

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Natural | Plastic Free

Use Onsight Skin Salve to keep skin in its best condition after a tough day of rock climbing, work or everyday life. Our salve is for everyone who is rough on their hands and needs some soothing repair after a long day. Great for dry skin, cuts and scrapes.

Skin salve is formulated to absorb quick so it's less greasy than traditional salves. Not much is needed for it to work, so use sparingly. A little goes a long way so our salve lasts you longer!


** Shea butter can develop crystal-like granules of fat due to storage temperature. There is nothing wrong with the salve, feel free to keep using until finished.

Olive oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Comfrey, Lavender, Nettle, Goldenseal, Helichrysum, Calendula, and Essential oils (Manuka, Frankincense, Geranium, Wintergreen).

Customer Reviews

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Olivia McEldon
Skin Heaven

I love this salve as in the winter I struggle with eczema and my hands can get very dry, crack and bleed. This salve allows my hands to stay moisturized without feeling greasy. It helps to heal the cuts and irritation on my hands quickly

Attention Climbers!

Nothing feels better than putting on this skin salve after a long session. The skin salve helps heal my finger tips faster and it smells great! Working in health care I use this salve as much as possible to prevent my hands from drying and cracking. This is the best product and an absolute staple for me everywhere I go!

Healing salve!

This is a fantastic healing salve! Made with fine quality ingredients. It not only aids in wound healing, keeping my skin moisturized and silky soft, it is also efficacious as an anti-wrinkle balm! Has a lovely, sweet scent!

Your hands will be forever grateful...

Not only great as a skin salve for dry, calloused climbing hands, but for those who work in healthcare and are constantly performing hand hygiene! I love to put a thick layer on at night and let it soak in with socks on. During the day, a thin layer is enough to keep your hands protected and moisturized. Would definitely recommend this salve any time your hands need a little extra care.


I bought this as a gift and they used it right away! The scent's lovely and the balm really softened the skin.