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Skin Salve
Skin Salve

Skin Salve

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Natural | Plastic Free

Use Onsight Skin Salve to keep skin in its best condition after a tough day of rock climbing, work or everyday life. Our salve is for everyone who is rough on their hands and needs some soothing repair after a long day. Great for dry skin, cuts and scrapes.

Skin salve is formulated to absorb quick so it's less greasy than traditional salves. Not much is needed for it to work, so use sparingly. A little goes a long way so our salve lasts you longer!


** Shea butter can develop crystal-like granules of fat due to storage temperature. There is nothing wrong with the salve, feel free to keep using until finished.

Olive oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Comfrey, Lavender, Nettle, Goldenseal, Helichrysum, Calendula, and Essential oils (Manuka, Frankincense, Geranium, Wintergreen).

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Super moisturizing

Really enjoyed the skin salve, it was very moisturizing! I also love the recovery salve. It really soothed my sore muscles after workouts!

Dan Knight
Guys Like It Also

Most of the reviews I’ve seen for the skin salve are from gals; but this guy - old guy too - really likes it.
I got it looking for something that would help with my dried out heals and calves - due to a medical condition I need to wear knee high compression socks, which leave my calves dry and itchy.
After only a couple days of use, I noticed the dryness and itchiness gone.
Great product!

Torrance Poon

Skin Salve

Lorna P.
I like this salve!

I bought it to help my husband with a skin problem area on his hand. However, I started using it on my face and it has been very beneficiall during our winter weather. I will soon have to order it again in the larger container size.

Olivia McEldon
Skin Heaven

I love this salve as in the winter I struggle with eczema and my hands can get very dry, crack and bleed. This salve allows my hands to stay moisturized without feeling greasy. It helps to heal the cuts and irritation on my hands quickly