Surprise Scratch & Dent

Surprise Scratch & Dent

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We want to lower our waste as much as possible. Finding a solution for products we make that don't turn out exactly as expected.

The scratch & dent products still preform perfectly, simply have minor cosmetic flaws. Sometimes it's dents, coloration, or even old labelling. Nothing that effects the product's application.

It could be any item that we offer online, and we won't always have them available. For up to 50% off you can add a surprise item to your cart. A fun way to help the earth!

Leave us a note in the order form of your favorites and we will try to accommodate as best as possible (please let us know if you need a Vegan item). We can't guarantee we will have your favorite in flawed perfection stock, but no matter what you'll get one of our items at up to 50% off savings!

It's a win for everyone, including the earth!