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2 oz deodorant bar travel tin opened
shampoo and conditioner bars laying on each other with travel tin next to them with loofah slices inside.
4 loofah slices laying in bunch.
deodorant bars in row with opened travel tin above.
opened travel tin with shampoo bar inside.
opened travel tin with deodorant bar inside
opened travel tin with loofah slice and all-in-one shampoo and conditioner bar beside.

Travel Tins

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Our 4 oz travel tin fits your shampoo & conditioner bar with ease. Perfect if you need a more sturdy travel container to protect/store your bars.

Add a 1 cm thick loofah slice to the bottom of our 4 oz tin to create air flow which will allow your bar to dry faster in between uses. (do not fit in 2 oz tin) Loofah is a gourd like plant grown naturally and can be composted at the end of its life.

Our 2 oz travel tin fits your deodorant or lotion bar for easier use on the go. The perfect size to throw in your backpack or workout bag.

Travel tins are silver, with a secure pop off lid. Perfect addition to your travel bag or for storage at home. Can be recycled at end of life.