5 Tips to Flying Cheaper

Winter is coming, the holidays are coming... we all know what that means right? 

Vacation time!! Are you hopping on a flight somewhere warm or to see the family again this holiday season?

If so, we have a few tips to help you save some money while booking those plane tickets! We love a good travel deal and want to help you find yours too!


  1. Flexible

We’ve said it before and we will probably say it again. If you want to do travel on a budget, you must be flexible.

If you have a strict timeline you have to fit your trip into, then you probably won’t get the cheapest flight. But, if you can make your holiday fit around flight days/times, you’ll be able to save those few extra bucks flying when others aren’t.


  1. Tuesdays

Don’t ask us why, but you’ll notice this trend if you’ve been a budget flyer for a while. Tuesdays are usually cheapest day to fly. Suppose it could be the lack of convenience for business or work schedules, but flying in the middle of the week will always save you money compared to weekends or holidays.

If it’s possible on your airlines search page, look at the whole week and not individual days to get the best day for your dollar.

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  1. Redeye

I think most of us know this one, but get that redeye flight to save a few dollars. Most people like arriving during the day to be able to navigate the city they are visiting.

But, if you want to save a few bucks, take the super early or late flight. Plus it’s a great excuse to catch some sleep on the night flight so you arrive fresh and ready to explore.


  1. 6 weeks 

6 weeks is your sweet spot for plane travel. Just enough time out that airlines aren’t full yet, but not too far away that you seem desperate. If you wait too long the plane can fill up which leaves the left over seats very expensive.

As where if you book way in advance then the airline will also over charge as they know you will pay the price if you must have a schedule in place. Be patient and wait for around that 6 week mark to book your vacation.

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  1. Privacy

I know we all think the internet knows what we are thinking before we even do. But it’s because it’s studying you, always.

So if you’re looking up plane tickets, it knows you are planning a trip and once it knows you are planning a trip it lets the airlines know. Just like the too desperate time game, once the airline knows you want to take a holiday, the prices will be higher, only for you!

So, use a private browser when planning your trips ahead of time. On MacBook it’s (control, shift, N) or in your file tab. A private window hides your browsing from the AI so it can’t track what you’re looking at, which means it won’t know where you’re planning to go and can’t tell the airline to raise your ticket prices.


What tips are you going to use to book your holiday travels? We hope these tips get your somewhere warmer, cheaper.


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Happy Travels!


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