Where are our products made?

Our products are ethically made in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. 


Who makes our products?

Our products are made by hand in small batches. They are made by our owner Erica Primeau with the help of her husband Devan. 


What's in your products?

Our products are made with all natural ingredients. Naturally derived ingredients are included for our shampoo & conditioner bars to still be clean, yet effective. Good for you and the planet, making them water safe!

Due to the natural state of our products, do expect slight variations in colour and shapes as batches may vary slightly, this does not effect their performance.



Why should I go switch from liquids?

Less mess for traveling.

Our bars contain no preservatives and are full of pure ingredients.

We use biodegradable ingredients and recyclable labels, so our bars leave no waste.


How do I use Shampoo & Conditioner Bars?

Please read our blog Tips for Using Shampoo Bars


How do I use Deodorant Bars?

Please read our blog Tips for Using Deodorant Bars.


Why do I seem to go through my shampoo & conditioner bars quickly?

Don’t hold the bar under water long, or leave it wet or in pooled water, it will dissolve much faster. Store your bar in a dry area between uses.


Are your shampoo & conditioner bars okay for coloured hair?

Our bars are pH balanced, this means your hair follicle stays closed as to not leak out dye. Our bars won’t strip the colour, no different than your current liquid shampoo. But, they will not prolong any colour you may have in your hair.



Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide! Prices may vary based off regions. Please see our Shipping Policies for more info.


Why do you charge for shipping?

Unfortunately we aren't a big corporation like Amazon and we don't receive any discounts for shipping. So with our flat rate for Canada, we are actually loosing money to help you save money! 


Still have questions?

Please email us at erica@onsightcare.ca. We'd love to help you know everything about our products!