About Onsight Care 

We provide adventurers with worry-free hair & skincare products. Sustainable, spill-proof solutions to climbing skin care and travel essentials. 

How many times have you travelled somewhere and upon arrival, only to find out it’s laundry day? Your shampoo, soap, or toothpaste bottle has inevitably exploded all over your luggage. That plastic baggie you hoped would save the day... didn't and now all your clothes and belongings are covered in liquid goo. Sound familiar?

We’ve been there, multiple times by plane and a few times on the road. When travel is involved there always seems to be an underlying stress about your toiletries bag. Will it all arrive with no leaks, or will you have to spend precious adventure time and money doing laundry now on your holiday? 

Say hello to liquid-free body care products! No more stress about spills and oversized liquids at security. Bye flimsy travel shampoo bottles that never smell or work well. Goodbye to way too big toothpaste tubes. And good riddance slimy, watered down soaps.

At Onsight Care we have a full line of products that are liquid-free to help you have a stress free travel day, at least with your bathroom products, you’ll have to take care of logistics. We have formulated waterless solutions, with all natural ingredients, to replace your everyday hair and body care products.

Whether getting on a plane, road tripping or backcountry camping, you’ll discover what liquid-free products can do for you. Liquid free is carefree.

How it started?
Travel has been a part of our life from the very beginning, from month long road trips around North America to all the top climbing destinations, to years spent flying across the globe.
Onsight Care started as a need when Erica & Devan Primeau (owners) were on their honeymoon backpacking trip around Europe. 
Travelling with only carry-on luggage, this meant everything was to fit on their back. Being minimalists, this was an easy task for the two. But what they didn't predict, was the amount of spillage that would occur with flimsy travel sized products. It was tiring doing laundry from spilled shampoo bottles, having their bag searched at security for oversized liquids, and worst of all having to replace spilled travel sized items with chemical-filled products from the hotels and airbnb compliments. The search for quality, natural, liquid-free products came up dry.
Once home from their honeymoon, Erica signed up for some courses to further her knowledge in Herbalism, cosmetic product making, and legal requirements for Health Canada. From there, Devan stepped in with his undergrad in Honours Chemistry helping formulate and test products to their best natural ability. After vigorous testing and countless variations, the products you know and love were made. And on May 1, 2020 Onsight Care was launched.   

Born out of a love for the earth, travel and rock climbing. Onsight Care is a more natural, sustainable solution to climbing skin care and travel essentials. 

No more harmful toxins in everyday products.

No more unnecessary liquid products spilling in luggage. 

No more wasteful plastic containers filling up the landfills.

All our products are ethically made in small batches in beautiful Nelson, BC Canada.

Liquid free = Carefree.

Where did the name Onsight Care come from?
Onsight- is a term used in climbing. It’s when a climber goes up to a route or problem for the first time without any prior knowledge of how to, and climbs to the top, first try, without falling.

For us this is at the core of every day and every adventure we take. We want everyone to excel, first try! We know making the switch to natural and liquid-free products can be frustrating to find products that work. We want every product we make to be an Onsight for our customers. We hope our products are something they fall in love with first try and help give them the confidence to Onsight their own dreams!
Onsight Care

Our Mission

At Onsight Care we care. We care about you, the customer, having a stress free life. We care about the earth with our quality natural products and plastic free packaging to slow down waste consumption. But, we also care about the people trapped in human trafficking.

For Onsight Care this is a passion we feel called to fight. Onsight Care donates 5% of all profits to organizations and people who are helping fight this global injustice.

Currently our funds go to the work of Rise Collective.

To learn more about how Rise Collective are fighting injustice head to www.rise-collective.org. Thanks for helping make this world a better place to live!

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