About Us


Our Story


My name is Erica Primeau. I'm the owner & maker at Onsight Care. It all started when my brother took me rock climbing in 2016. I fell in love with the challenge and closeness to nature it brought. I started this shop shortly after with our all natural skin slave as a solution to greasy, toxin filled hand salves.

I'm a wanderer at heart. I started travelling young with my family across North America and progressed into solo traveling once I graduated college. I started with Australia and instantly I was drawn to the fulfillment of exploring nature and cultures in other countries. I went on the explore 26 more countries, and yet there's still so much more to see in the world.

If you ever travelled then for sure you've dealt with the frustration of your liquid bathroom essentials exploding all over your bag. Yea, we've all been that person. Because of this, I wanted to find a solution for less mess, more natural, travel sized, everyday essentials products.

Everything in our shop is handmade by me and researched for the best possible results. Products are made with natural ingredients, which then go through several trials on friends before becoming available to you.

I'm proud to offer our all natural skin salve and travel essentials at a reasonable price for my fellow climbers and wanderers. Welcome to Onsight Care.


Our Mission


At Onsight Care we care about a lot of things. We care about you, the customer, using safe, natural, toxin free products for your good health. We care about the earth with our eco-friendly products to slow down plastic consumption. But, we also care about the people trapped in human trafficking.

For Onsight Care this is a passion we feel called to fight and since we don't have the physical means to do so currently, we still want to contribute. Onsight Care donates 5% of all profits to organizations and people who are helping fight this global injustice.

We rotate who we donate to, so currently our funds go to efforts such as Radiant Hope, International Justice Missions, and Natasha & Jacob Grimmett.

To learn more about how these organizations and people are fighting injustice click their links above! Thanks for helping us be able to help others make this world a safer place!