Budget Travel Tips

I can’t wait to visit Europe again and with the travel bug starting to sink its teeth in after almost 2 years of no travel,  I’ve started planning again as I’m sure most of you have too. Travel is starting to open up again now, so I put together a list of my top 5 tips for travelling on a budget. So with high hopes of travelling being the same as it used to be, here’s my top budget travelling tips.

  1. Travel off peak.

Yes, I know you’ve heard this one before, but it honestly does make the biggest difference! It’s more affordable for everything, whether that be attractions you need to pay to see, accommodation, food and flights. It also adds the bonus of no lines and more enjoyable stays at the must see sights. Booking flights on Tuesdays, and trying to do more touristy things weekdays instead of weekends will save you lots of money! Travelling off season allows you to be more flexible with your timeline and not have to book attractions in advance, which leads me to my next tip.

  1. Be flexible.

Being flexible with your time allows you to book everything cheaper. Especially with flights. If you don’t have specific days you need to be everywhere, being able to take the cheaper late or early flight can save you up to half the cost! Booking accommodation after your flights so that you aren’t stuck in certain time blocks helps the cost a lot. Plus, being flexible adds to a much more enjoyable vacation.

Expect things to go wrong! The bus will be always late and your plane may be delayed. Being flexible makes these things less stressful if you have nowhere to be on time. Isn’t that what vacation is for? Less schedules, more relaxing (or adventure). Don’t fill up your days with an itinerary. Be flexible to enjoy the hidden beach a local just told you about, or the little town that has mountain views to die for. Having an open schedule allows for the magical moments that make the most memorable memories!

  1. Carry-on only.

Another one you’ve probably heard before, but I love and abide by this one! Carry-on suitcase only has so many benefits! Yes, it’s so much cheaper to not have to pay for baggage, especially if you are planning to book budget airlines around Europe. Budget airlines are awesome and not as scary as the website makes it seem, we have never had a bad experience with them. But the thing with budget airlines is that they charge you so much more for anything extra. So having a carry-on that fits in their size dimension saves so much money!

It’s also great because you save lots of time at the airport. No need to check in your baggage, no need to wait around after for your bags to arrive, and even better, no worries about them getting lost in transit! It makes it easy to take full advantage of long layovers. You’ll be surprised how much you can fit into that small bag. Onsight Care products are made specifically for carry-ons, so you don’t have to worry about oversized or spilling liquids ;).

  1. Airbnb’s are key!

They will save you so much verses a hotel or hostel! If you are travelling with more than one person, they end up being much cheaper than all the other options. Plus, you can get your own private space, and even a kitchen so you save money on food. Airbnb feels so much more inviting when in a new country, like you’re right at home. The owners are usually very helpful, and always willing to answer any questions about their city you’ve come to enjoy.

And best of all to make a carry-on suitcase work for you, most Airbnb’s come with a washing machine! So this gives you the ability to pack less clothes to save luggage space and yet be able to stay fresh for free, and no wasted time in Laundromats.

  1. Plan ahead.

I usually am a last minute planner. But there is a sweet spot. For booking flights, 6 weeks is your sweet spot for planning ahead and not too last minute! Flights usually will be cheapest around this timeframe. Plan where you want to go and book your accommodations so they don’t fill up. You will end up overpaying or having to stay outside of your preferred zone if you aren’t booked ahead. I always thought last minute was better because hotels want to fill up, but a lot of the time hotels know you need a place to stay if you are looking the day before, so they will take advantage of your need to sleep.

Having some planned also allows you to research better. Knowing where you want to go ahead of time allows you to take time to find the most affordable options for transit, food, and everything that costs extra in a day on vacation. You can be flexible with a plan, just don't book up your days minute by minute.

With these tips in mind, how will you plan your next vacation? Do you have any budget travelling tips that I didn’t mention above? Let us know in the comments below.

Hopefully we can all get back to traveling soon and when we do, don’t forget to bring us with you! Shop Onsight Care travel products online with worldwide shipping available, or maybe we'll just hand deliver it ;). 

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