Creating Less Waste

We know a lot of people are trying to use less plastic and create less waste. We don’t want anyone to ever feel ashamed if they can’t be completely zero waste as it’s a process and every little bit helps! So, here are some of our tips to hopefully help you in your journey!

Tip 1: Compost

We love to compost our fruits and veggie scraps! We noticed how much of our garbage is actually just food scraps, which most of them can actually be composted. If your city doesn’t have compost pick up, or apartment building doesn’t pay to have a bin, like ours. Most recycle facilities have a compost area that you can bring your scraps to. We have compost bags that we fill and bring to the bin as we need. It takes a couple extra steps, but it’s so worth it!

Tip 2: Recycle plastic bags

We understand sometimes plastic bags are unavoidable. Even with Onsight Care unfortunately some of our bulk products we buy have to be shipped in plastic to meet health codes. But we take the extra step to wash and bring all of our plastic bags to the recycling facility in our town. They even take grocery store plastic bags, like during Covid when we weren’t allowed to use our reusable bags. These bags can’t just be thrown in most recycling bins at your house. They will be sorted out of your recycling and brought to a landfill, so please look into your cities recycling program and find out if you can bring plastic bags to them directly. Again, the extra step is so so worth it!

Tip 3: Make your own reusable bags

Sewing your own reusable bags can be fun. It’s so easy to take an old shirt lying around, cut open the neck wider and sew (even by hand) up the bottom. Now you have a shopping bag for your market and grocery finds! There’s lots of tutorials online to help with designing to make or find a local maker who does all the work for you to have a reusable bag.

Tip 4: Bulk barn is your best friend

I love bulk barn. You can simply bring in your own clean containers (jars and bags) eliminating a TON of plastic waste. Get your clean jars weighed at the front counter first, then fill to your delight! It helps lower waste and plastic consumption, but also can help organize your pantry! If you’re lucky enough to have a local refill store, then absolutely support them and fill there! Even box grocery stores have refill isles that you can take advantage of for most of the loose items you need!

Tip 5: Rinse out your containers

This is one that is so overlooked! Most containers like glass, plastic, and tins can be recycled in your home recycling bins. But to make sure they are accepted once they get to the facility and not just thrown in the landfill, YOU HAVE TO RINSE THEM OUT! Clean out the food or beverage stickiness before you put them at the road to make the process easier and way more effective! 

So, how are you going to join, the less waste movement and make our planet a healthier place? We hope some of our personal tips can help you in your journey! Everyone is different, so find what ways to create less waste work best for you! Every bit helps!

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