Plastic-Free Travel Tips

Plastic Free July is here, so spread some waste free knowledge for the month, we want to share a few of our favorite tips to travel plastic-free! With wanderlust in full swing with flights and countries opening back up, here are a couple tips to help you feel better while travelling this summer!


  1. Reusable water bottle


Yes, we need water on a plane to make sure we don’t get sick and to make it through those long layovers. But instead of buying another wasteful plastic water bottle, or having to keep asking the flight attendants for more water or using wasteful cups on the plane. Bring your own reusable water bottle to fill up at the airport and at your destination. Always good to have water on hand wherever you are!

And pro tip, bring an empty collapsible bottle to save space, and fill up past security to avoid awkward chug contests!


  1. Bring your own snacks from home in cotton or stasher bags


To avoid wasteful plastic in airports and on the plane, bring your own snacks! Avoid the temptation of overly priced, chips at the airport and have a healthy option already in your carry-on bag. Also avoid the overly sugared, and salty airplane snacks by having your favorites already packed in a reusable bag. Use your stasher or travel bulk cotton bag to cut down on waste and to use for vacation snacks as well! Avoid the plastic and the desperate junk food! Just make sure to follow airport guidelines on liquid quantities (this includes creams and spreadables like peanut butter), and fruit restrictions.


  1. Bring your own headphones


I feel like nowadays most people always have headphones on hand. But in case you’re one of the few that don’t, here’s your reminder! It seems simple, but if you have to use the airplanes crappy headphones or buy cheap ones at the airport, we all know those end up in the garbage as soon as you get home. Save the waste and awful headache from poor quality by remembering your favorite noise cancelling headphones for a more restful plane ride!


  1. Zero waste toiletries


And of course our favorite plastic free travel hack. Bring liquid-free, plastic-free toiletries. Don’t rely on your hotel room’s nasty, single use shampoo and soap. Bring your own, natural shampoo that you love to use and saves the waste! By bringing waterless toiletries it allows you to pack them in your carry-on so you can freshen up on long layovers, especially if you’re the lucky few who have lounge access showers. If you can’t shower, at least you can bring your own tooth powder to freshen up from all those snacks you’ve been eating to pass the time, so you feel 100% better when you get to your destination. Shop waste free toiletries here!


What’s your fav plastic-free travel hack? We hope you have a great summer; take care of our planet and happy travels!

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