opened tin with grey tooth powder showing and yellow labeled lid leaning on top.
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Tooth Powder -Citrus Fresh

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Natural | Vegan | Plastic Free

Our tooth powder leaves your whole mouth feeling clean and fresh with a citrus taste. Perfect for traveling, our liquid-free formula leaves you worry free about oversized liquids in your carry-on! 

How it works:

The bentonite clay base not only cleans, but also draws out impurities and remineralizes your teeth. While other ingredients also help with maintaining odor and teeth health. 

To Use:

Simply wet your toothbrush and dip into powder. Brush as normal. Toothpowder will not foam, but don't worry it's still working. Do not swallow as too much clay is not good for your digestive system.


Bentonite clay, Xylitol, Baking soda, Himalayan salt, Calcium powder, Essential oils of Lemon, Rosemary, and Sweet Orange.

No Glycerin | No SLS | No Fluoride | No Toxins

Customer Reviews

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Joann T
Citrus Tooth Powder

I love this product. I purchased my first tooth powder in November at the one of a kind Christmas show in Toronto. At the time I was looking for something other than the regular store-bought toothpaste, which was actually causing some issues with my teeth. Came across this product and decided to try it, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked and the taste of the product. I purchased two more online as I do not want to go back to regular toothpaste. I found this product to be a game changer.

Picky child prefers citrus

We have tried several types of toothpaste alternatives and we all agree that tooth powder is awesome. Why did someone decide we needed to brush our teeth with paste. Changing to tooth powder was complicated by the fact our son didn’t like the mint flavour of the powder the feast of us used happily. I tried several other flavour including birthday cake flavour and he decided citrus was the best. Now our whole family uses and loves tooth powder.

Great for sensitive teeth!

I ordered this toothpaste when the first type of powdered toothpaste started to give me sensitive teeth, something I have always had but the powder seemed to make it worse.. TILL I got this stuff it helps my teeth feel better well still letting me use tooth powder.

The little tin that the powder comes in I thought it was going to be just super thin but it's not! it's super thick and feels like it could handle a beating!

The only thing I have to say that is slightly negative (and it's not even negative) is that if it's your first time using it, the salt taste can be a bit overwhelming but after a few uses you don't even notice it any more!

Be careful when opening.

First time trying this type of tooth cleaning. Spilled almost the whole thing on my counter. Ugh. Tasted not nearly as bad as I had anticipated and would take this on a holiday. Shipped fast