3 tips for using Deodorant Bars

Not sure how to use our plastic-free deodorant bars? Don’t worry, we put together 3 tips to help with our most asked questions!


  1. Why does my deodorant bar feel hard to apply?


To make our bars plastic free with no container, we make them a tad harder than regular deodorant bars. Sometimes, especially with winter months, this can make it a tad harder to apply. To avoid this, simply hold the bar on your skin for a moment to heat up and then glide on as normal. 

For best results we suggest applying right after your shower when your body is hot and clean! We also suggest applying the deodorant bar along the curved side to avoid any breakage.  


  1. How do I avoid getting deodorant on my fingers with no plastic tube?


We hear it’s hard to make the switch to zero waste with our deodorant bars because you don’t want to touch it and get your hands dirty. We get it, there’s always some sort of transition period with any change! 

So, we have a solution for you! Our deodorant bars come wrapped in a paper label that allows you to not touch the deodorant while applying! 

Simply slide part of the bar out and hold onto label, then apply as normal and return to storage! This saves your hands from getting dirty and from plastic entering our landfills. 

The labels can be recycled or composted at the end of their life!


  1. Will natural deodorant stain my shirts?


Natural deodorants are jam packed with goodies for your skin. But these aren’t necessarily your clothing's favourite. With our concentrated deodorant bars, less is more. All you need is 1-3 swipes and that’s it! Any more than that just sits on top your skin, which can rub off on clothes.

If you do happen to get our deodorant bar on your clothes, it won’t stain. It’s simply just oils, which a quick hand wash of soap can get off no problem.

Also pro tip! Apply deodorant and wait a few minutes before getting dressed. This allows butters and oils to absorb into skin and not waste them on your clothes! Plus, everyone can use an excuse for more me-time right?


We hope these answer a few of your questions! Do you have any more questions regarding our deodorant bars? Have any tips to ease the transition? Let us know your experiences below!


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