Minimalist Travel Packing Tips

So, you see the benefits of travelling lighter and faster. Only having a carry-on to avoid luggage drop off and pick up wait times. There is something freeing knowing everything you need fits on your back. If you haven't travelled minimalist before, we highly suggest giving it a try. It truly is a freeing experience, and if you don't know where to start, we have a few tips to get you going!
  1. Pack only essentials

When packing for travel, we believe less is more. When planning a trip, don’t pack for what might happen. Pack the things you already love to wear/use! Instead of packing a suitcase full of items that you only end up using 50%, pack a small suitcase with items that will all earn their space. With essential items you can pack the same thing you would for a week or a month and make it work for everything. No packing for the what-ifs and only for the absolutes. Pack clothing, toiletries and digital gear. Leave at home the hair dryer (most places have one), multiple books and excess jewelry.


  1. Pack multiuse clothing (coordinating colors)

Never pack for each day separately, mix and match! Plan your clothes for a week, and factor in laundry if your trip is longer. Stay with solid colors as patterns are hard to mix and match. Only plan for a couple pops of color and stick with more neutral colors for heavier bases like pants and jackets. Plan to have shorts / leggings you can double as sleep and workout clothes. A scarf can also be a swimsuit cover-up and blanket / pillow on the plane. Make your clothing work together to create multiple outfits throughout the week.


  1. Roll your clothing, not fold

Our favorite hack for a minimalist traveller is rolling your clothes, not folding. Argue all you want, but we have tried both and trust us, rolling always wins. Not only will rolling save you a ton of space, it’ll keep your clothes free of fold lines and wrinkles. It’ll be easier to sort through your bag when searching for your favorite shirt. Rolling clothes take up less real estate in your bag, so you can fit more of what you need. Make sure to even roll your underwear! ;) 


  1. Travel sized toiletries

Toiletries take up the most space. We forgo the makeup, if you can’t, keep it minimal and only bring what you actually use every day. Don’t pack large bottles, as one, they won’t make it past security, but two, they take up too much space and weight. Get travel sized toiletries, as they will get past security with ease and trust me, you don’t need a full bottle of shampoo for 2 weeks! As for our recommendation, we always suggest going liquid-free for more carefree travel. Don’t worry about your travel sized shampoo bottle exploding all over your luggage, go liquid-free with shampoo bars, tooth powder and skin salves! Check out Onsight Care’s full line up of travel sized, liquid-free toiletries here! We even put together a Travel Package to save you the hassle.


  1. Know what you need and where you are going

As much as we love going with the flow, you have to know a rough plan for where you will end up in your travels. Know the seasons and even check the weather for the locations you plan on travelling to. No need to pack a heavy winter jacket if you’re going to be getting sunny, hot weather your entire trip. Again, no pack for what-if it gets cold, plan for the weather you know if going to happen, and yes have a sweater for cooler nights. Pack smart for the countries and climates you’re going to be in!


  1. Use our minimalist packing checklist

And last, but not least! If you don’t know where to start or always seem to forget your socks. Make sure to grab our free Minimalist Packing Checklist! Everything we bring on a trip that fits inside a 20L Carry-on only bag! If you want to travel like a true minimalist, be sure to grab our free checklist on our website


Happy travels! Let us know in the comments below where your next trip is. Hope to see you in the air!



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